Breakdown Cover and Electric Vehicles

Breakdown Cover and Electric Vehicles

As people gain increased awareness of how internal combustion motors add to air pollution, and as electric vehicles become more reliable, you might wonder if electric vehicles can break down and if there is breakdown cover for them. The answers are yes they can and yes there is. With that said, let’s look at what can go wrong and how likely it is that a breakdown agent can help you.

Flat Battery

Since electric cars run on battery power, a flat battery will certainly leave you sitting by the side of the road. Regenerative braking can help top up the battery on an electric car, but that will only go so far. Both AA and RAC say that they will tow owners of electric vehicles to the nearest charging point or to their destination, whichever is closer.

Fewer Parts That Can Be Repaired

Maintenance on an electric vehicle is more like working on a laptop computer or even a refrigerator than repairing a car with an internal combustion motor. This isn’t necessarily bad news. With fewer moving parts, there is a lot less to go wrong. You can still get a tire puncture, however, which is one of the most common roadside repairs for standard vehicles.

Dealer Centered Assistance Plans

The Nissan Leaf, one of the most affordable electric cars, has a very nice roadside assistance package for owners. Nissan Care includes roadside repair by a knowledgeable technician for those parts that can be repaired. If repairs are not possible at the location, your car will be towed to your home repair location or to the nearest dealership. They also offer continuation of the trip or return home if your vehicle cannot be repaired the same day.

Renault, being aware that one of the biggest drawbacks to owning an electric vehicle is “battery memory” which causes the capacity of the battery to diminish over time. Instead of selling the battery for your vehicle, they lease it to you. Let’s say that again. You buy the vehicle but lease the battery. Renault guarantees the battery to the point that it maintains at least 75% capacity.

Charging Stations, Charging Times, and Parking

One of the biggest differences between driving an electric vehicle and an internal combustion vehicle is fueling up. It takes longer to charge a vehicle, even if you are making use of a fast charger. That means planning your trip carefully. The other thing about charging your vehicle is that it is most easily done if you have an assigned parking place or garage so that you can plug your vehicle in and let it charge overnight.

You won’t go as far (yet)  on a single charge as you can on a tank of petrol. The limit on a battery charge for an electric vehicle is about 100 miles.

Advantages of Electric

Lack of pollution is the first and most obvious advantage of driving an electric car. But there are others. Acceleration is smooth and fast. You will never have a quieter ride. In fact, electric cars are so quiet that there is a discussion of creating noise so that pedestrians and animals can be more quickly made aware of an approaching vehicle.

Electric Vehicles Are Not New

Electric vehicles are not a new concept. In fact, there was an electric vehicle before the internal combustion vehicle. But modern batteries that weigh less and are more easily charged contribute to the practicality of driving an electric car.

With several cities preparing to ban internal combustion vehicles from certain areas, electric vehicles become a more practical consideration than ever before.

It is likely that as more electric cars are in use, more breakdown cover companies will hire mechanics trained in repairing them and a broader array of services will be offered.

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What You Should Know About Debt Consolidation Loans

Are you drowning under a mountain of debt? Are you getting annoying collection calls? Would you like to eliminate the worry and stress that comes with overwhelming credit card debt? A debt consolidation loan may be able to do just that-relieve the anxiety that comes every month when you receive your credit card statement. However, if not managed properly, a debt consolidation loan can be a double edged sword.

Most debt consolidation loans are secured loans. This means they are secured with some type of collateral, usually your home and if you default on the loan the credit issuer has the right to take whatever you put up as collateral. So, you will to make sure that you will have no problem making the payments on your debt consolidation loan. If there is any doubt as to whether you can make the payments, you will want to consider a different type debt relief solution.

There are advantages and disadvantages to a debt consolidation loan. The advantages are:

Reduced monthly payment. Your payment will likely be less than all your monthly credit card payments when they are combined.

One monthly payment. Instead of having several credit card payments each month, you have just the payment on the debt consolidation loan.

Reduced interest rate. Depending on your credit score, interest rates on debt consolidation loans can vary from 6%-10%. Most credit card interest rates are greater than 10% and many are double or triple that amount.

Tax deductible. In most cases the interest paid on the debt consolidation loan is tax deductible.

Peace of mind. If you have been receiving collection calls, these will stop. If you have been juggling and trying to remember due dates for numerous monthly payment, this will also be gone.Now, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of having a debt consolidation loan:

The loan is secured. If you default on the loan, your creditor will foreclose on whatever property you have put up for collateral.

Repayment period. This period can be anywhere from 5-30 years, but you can pay it off early if you financial situation allows.

Available credit. After paying off several credit cards, you will likely have plenty of available credit. If you start using your credit cards again you will end up with a debt consolidation loan payment and credit card payments and could easily end up with financial problems and limited options for dealing with the resulting debt.A debt consolidation loan is a widely used option for dealing with credit card debt. It is best to evaluate both the good points and the bad points of debt consolidation loans before deciding if this type of loan will help your debt situation. You should also examine the reason that you have excess debt. Unfortunately, not all debt can be avoided. If you have avoidable debt, you will need to make some changes in your spending habits to prevent having future debt problems. For many people, a debt consolidation loan is their answer to dealing with overwhelming credit card debt.

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Celebrating And Enjoying Holidays And Weekends With A Simple Payday Loan

Using Pay Day Loans to get you through to your next paycheck: This is a terrible move similar to borrowing money from a loan shark. These lenders make lofty promises but charge astronomical interest rates and hide the fine print. They offer short term lending which can add up to 400% interest or the foreclosure of one’s car. Car title loans have fine print that many consumers comprehend or read closely enough. What results is the person owing money and having no vehicle to make a start to pay for expenses much less the huge debt just racked .

Immediate cash help could be very useful for the financial health of person. Everyone is in search for these a cash help that may solve their very own problems inside the stipulated period of time. No one likes to use a loan that may a great deal of time to get approved. Instant cash help is necessary to solve day time to day problems of people of our country. Keeping all these points in mind, we have formed new loans. Our loans a whole lot more innovative financing products. These are known as quick cash loans.

It is going to vary. Several lenders are to be able to allow several amounts of cash, even though they expect something around 1500 dollars to really do the limit of the it can be performed to obtain. In some instances, you’re allowed to travel get more but that’s heading to depend on just how much dollars are generally bringing towards table regular monthly and just how much individual debt loan provider thinks an individual capable of taking on the.

For availing same day loans, online mode is proven to be the greatest option. There are a variety of online lenders may offer these loans with reasonable interest pricing. By getting free quotes the borrower can compare them and get the one that best suits his prerequisite.

Before you step out and take a payday advance or pay day loan on remedy is a bug pay packet have you looked at the options? These really discovered two forms: Do we need the money, and Tend to be my loan options. Most payday loans require a person to have a well balanced job, training actually works in your favour.

Fast payday advance is a cash advance to the borrower fulfill any unforeseen expenses. Reduce are usually due through the next salary day. Usually the amount of the loan is such that it could be paid from the next salary of this borrower. In the discretion from the lender an even greater amount can be given.

When referring to a payday loan, regardless of which type of rate planning with, you must always take into the account a lot more amount among the loan additionally your ability to pay for it way back. With most payday advances, you’re only for you to be repaying the debt for something of many weeks.

This is where an associated with people battle with. Many of people who turn to most likely do not have access to the cash to payment the amount borrowed and interest after mouse click away . week or two. These people can’t pay it back, lending companies often advise them to ‘rollover’ their finance amount.

The online method of application is the fastest method avail credit are lower. You need to fill a world wide web application form providing the lending company with your personal personal details. After all the details have been analyzed coming from the lender, should receive a telephone call from the lender informing whether you been recently approved or not. If you are approved, you will get cash in order to your wallet within a day of task.

Instant fast cash loan is actually recognized as one belonging to the best loan options for who look for immediate money. If you have emergency expenses that you need to cover as soon as possible, you can consider the help of pay day loans. Extra charges will be given to the people who couldn’t pay the total loan amount on time so have got to pay essential amount on the deadline.

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